Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE – Review – 2019 – 2020

Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE Review – Could Do with Improvements

If you are on the lookout for a bread maker, then you have probably already found out for yourself that the list of options is endless. There are hundreds of different breadmaker on the market at the moment and choosing one can be really difficult.

If this is your first bread maker then you will probably want to go for a reputable brand. The one that is consistently popular is Panasonic. In order to give you a better idea of the options that are available from this brand, we have come up with a series of reviews that we compiled after we had tested them out.

The model that we are going to be reviewing for you today is the Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE. If you would like to find out more information about what this bread maker has to offer, then please carry on reading for our verdict.

Features: 550w – Automatic Yeast Dispenser – 15 Bake Modes – 3 Loaf Options – 3 Crust Options – 2 Sour Dough Cups – Measuring Spoon – 1 Year Warranty – 38.9 x 25.6 x 38.2 cm – 7.6kg


  • Really nice black and chrome design.
  • Very easy to navigate the different programs and settings.
  • Has a dedicated sourdough program.
  • Very quiet no matter what program you use.
  • Comes with accessories.
  • Has a 1 year warranty.


  • The results from the sourdough program varied a lot.
  • It doesn’t have a viewing window.

The Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE Review

First of all, we would like to take a minute to talk about the design of the Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE. In black and chrome, we really liked how this machine looked. The only thing that we felt that was missing was a viewing window.

However, it does have a nice LCD screen which allows you to use the tough buttons to choose your settings and programs. What we really liked about this bread maker is how user friendly it is. We had no trouble navigating the menus at all.

One of the things that definitely intrigued us with this particular bread maker is that it has a dedicated sourdough program. This was the first one that we tested out. Whilst we felt that it was a good idea; we did find that the results varied quite a lot so the program could definitely do with some tweaking.

However, we tried out all of the other programs and we were really impressed. All of them produced fantastic results and we were able to use the machine without being disturbed by the bread maker. It was really quiet on all of the programs.

Something that we really liked with the Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE is that it comes with a range of accessories. You get 2 sourdough cups and a measuring spoon. We found that all of the accessories were actually really helpful.

Finally, there is the fact that this bread maker comes with a 1 year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it within this period of time then you can send it back for a replacement or a refund.

Although we were a little disappointed with the sourdough program, we were really impressed with all of the other features and the design of the Panasonic Bread Maker ZB 2512 KXE. We would absolutely recommend this if you are looking for a bread maker from a reputable brand.