How to Slice Bread from a Bread Maker the Right Way

Now that you have a bread maker that helps you bake your own bread each morning, it is time you learnt the art of slicing the bread like a pro. A beautiful, freshly baked loaf of bread should be cut using a particular kind of knife and not just any knife in the house. The question is, why do you need a special kind of knife to cut a loaf of bread. Here’s why.

What is a bread knife?

how to slice bread from a bread makerOne of the most essential items in your kitchen repository is a bread knife, especially if you are someone who likes to bake their bread at home. The idea behind using a bread knife, and not just any other knife, is to cut it seamlessly without breaking it. The jagged end on a bread knife, also known as serrated knife, can cut the bread without using any kind of force. This is because a serrated knife functions like a saw and is used by moving it back and forth. If you use any other knife, you will end up applying undue force on the loaf that can break the bread.

The jagged end is supposed to give you a grip on the crust and the gentle sawing motion cuts through the loaf easily. This technique gives you well cut even slices that not only look good but also taste good. You must invest in good serrated knives so that your cutting process produces less crumbs as you slice through the loaf.

How to use serrated knives?

The best way to use a serrated knife or a bread knife is for slicing purposes only. Don’t try to chop things with it, because you can’t. It will not only not chop the things but can also damage the blade. The only way a serrated knife is to be used is in the sawing motion.

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