Cuisinart Bread Maker Review – 2019 – 2020

Cuisinart Bread Maker Review – A Little Confusing at First, but Great with Practice!

Baking bread at home has so many advantages over buying it from the supermarket. If you have ever made your own bread then it is likely that this is something that you will want to do more of. The only problem is that bread making is a lengthy process that requires a lot of hard work.

Fortunately, you can eliminate a lot of the time and hard work that is involved when you purchase a bread maker. The only trouble is that there are so many different machines on the market right now and this makes finding the right one quite the challenge.

Here at Bread Maker Experts, we have taken it upon ourselves to try out some of the most popular bread makers on the market so that we can give you an honest, unbiased review of each of them.Below you will find our Cuisinart Bread Maker review.

Features: 600w – Stainless Steel – Viewing Window – 3 Loaf Options – 3 Crust Options – 60 Minute Keep Warm Function – 12 Pre-Set Programs – Nut u0026amp; Seed Dispenser – Removable Paddle – 25 x 40 x 35 cm – 8kg



  • Very nice stainless steel bread maker in brushed steel finish.
  • Nice viewing window and backlit LCD screen.
  • 12 different programs to choose from.
  • The convection oven bakes loaves faster.
  • The keep warm function is very handy.


  • Although there is a nut and seed dispenser, we found that they don’t always get thoroughly mixed.
  • The bread maker can take quite some time to get used to.

The Cuisinart Bread Maker Review

What we instantly liked about this bread maker from Cuisinart was the design. In brushed stainless steel and black, it looks absolutely fantastic, especially in a modern kitchen. At the top of the machine you will find the viewing window alongside the LCD screen which is where you will also find the touch buttons for accessing the menu.

We were really very pleased with the design of the Cuisinart Bread Maker; you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the designing process. There are 12 different programs built into this bread maker. We tried and tested all of them and didn’t have any issues with the results at all.

They were all very effective and all produced great loaves. All of the programs were relatively quiet too which is a definite bonus. The only issue that we did have was with the nut and seed dispenser. Whilst it did dispense the ingredients when it was supposed to, we did feel that the ingredients weren’t thoroughly mixed which was frustrating.

We will point out that this is not a beginners bread maker and it definitely takes some getting used to. One of the features that we really liked was the 60 minute keep warm function. We found this really handy. We also liked that the loaves were baked much faster thanks to the convection oven.

Although there are a few issues with the Cuisinart Bread Maker, for the most part we were really pleased with this one and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a bread maker that is going to last a long time.

Cuisinart Bread Maker, 600 W - Grey
  • Convection bread maker circulates air for suitable results
  • Select loaf size from small to large. Keep warm function keeps your loaf warm for up to 1 hour after baking
  • 12 pre-set programmes for fresh bread, cakes, dough and jam
  • Removable paddle gives accurate loaf with no hole in base
  • Automatic nut and seed dispenser releases just the right amount of extra ingredients at the right time