Best Soup Maker

Best Soup Maker – Reviewing The Top In Its Class!

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The Best Soup Maker Reviews & Buying Guide

Soup makers are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen if you are looking to save time and make an easy soup all in one device.

The best soup makers will often be able to cook soup within 30 minutes and even act as a smoothie maker, making them very simple to use and clean up minimal.

However, with so many different soup makers on the market, it can be challenging to know which soup maker is the best. So we have decided to round up the best soup makers on the market currently, and compare them to help you find the best soup maker out there.

Our Top Soup Maker (2020 Updated) –

Morphy Richards Total Control Soup Maker 50102 (Editor’s Choice)

Morphy Richards is well-known in the kitchen appliance industry for making durable products. This Morphy Richards soup maker, in particular, has nine different functions for soup and smoothie making allowing you to create a chunky soup or smooth soups easily.

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Feature-wise this total control model boasts unique portion control which allows you to set and adjust how much soup you want to make depending on the number of people you are cooking for. It also has an automatic keep warm and preheat function.

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For cleaning this Morphy Richards soup maker model, all you need to do is use its pre-clean setting with added water, and the soup maker also has an easy to use touch display which allows you to time and set programmes easily. Capacity wise the maker can make up to 1.6 litres of soup.

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Overall this is a high-quality, reliable model from Morphy Richards soup makers. This maker has all the features you need to make chunky or smooth soup and can be used as a smoothie maker too. The model is also great due to its portion control settings.

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Downfalls of this Morphy Richards total control soup maker are its build-quality which has said to be faulty sometimes; this may be due to its lower pricer. The soup makers keep warm function has also been reported to blend the soup instead of keeping it warm.

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  • Nine different functions for chunky soup or smoothies.
  • Touch display.
  • Portion control.
  • Keep warm and preheat function.
  • Pre-clean setting.
  • 1.6-litre capacity.


  • Low quality with soup makers models reported being faulty.
  • Keep warm function blends not heats.

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Soup Chef Stainless Steel 1.6L Soup Maker

This stainless steel soup makers model by Soup Chef is one of the quickest electric soup makers on our list with a making time of only nineteen minutes. The model also comes with four different cooking functions for total control over your soup or smoothie.

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Feature-wise; the soup maker comes with a non-stick hot plate for easy cleaning and 1.7-litre capacity. It also boasts a memory function and two-hour keep-warm function after you make your soup in advanced.

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There is also a cleaning function included with this model and a recipe book for inspiration.

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Overall, this stainless steel best soup maker has reliable features and a quick soup making time of only nineteen minutes. Its 1.7-litre capacity also means you can make large batches for the whole family.

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However, this model has been reported to be faulty with some operational problems after several months.

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  • Quick-cooking.
  • 1.7-litre capacity means a bigger serving size.
  • Four different cooking functions.
  • Two hours keep warm function.
  • Non-stick hot plate.
  • Recipe book included.


  • Model is reported to be faulty after some usage.

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Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus

This Cuisinart soup maker is one of the pricier soup makers on our list but boasts high ratings and features. Its soup maker comes with a powerful 500-watt motor and features a stainless steel blade with four different blending options to choose from when soup making.

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The best soup maker from Cuisinart also comes with a 1.4 litre capacity for hot liquids and a 1.75-litre size for cold liquids. Along with its thermal glass jar, the model also comes with a 1000 watt heating element that boasts two different heat settings and a simmer function.

Extra specifications of this model are its advanced non-stick cooking plate, a 30 minutes timer for soup making, a recipe book and a three-year guarantee to ensure buyer confidence.


This best soup makers model is one of the top models on our list due to its high-quality, durable design and easy to use features which allows you to have smooth or chunky soup in a quick time. This soup maker is also great due to its non-stick cooking plate, which makes cleaning even more straightforward.

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Some downfalls of this easy soup maker are its base which does not detach, this making cleaning a little difficult; it also is on the heavy side.


  • High quality build with stainless steel blades.
  • Four different blending options with three heating functions.
  • Large capacity.
  • Non-stick cooking plate.
  • Recipe book and a three-year guarantee.

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  • Non-detachable base.
  • Heavy.

Tefal Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker Stainless Steel

This Tefal easy soup and smoothie maker comes at an affordable price and features five automatic programmes to choose from when cooking, it can also be used for smoothie making and has a two-click starting function for easy use.

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The soup and smoothie maker also can retain your soups heat for up to 40 minutes after cooking in its glass jug and has a compote programme for making berry compote or even baby foods.

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Extra features of this soup makers model are its 1.2-litre capacity, recipe booklet and a one year warranty to help ensure buyers confidence.

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The Tefal easy soup and smoothie maker is a very affordable model and is easy to use thanks to its simple heating element and two click starting function. You can cook a variety of recipes too such as compotes, smoothies and baby food.

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On the other hand, however, this model does have a smaller glass jug capacity when compared to other soup makers on our list. It has also been reported to burn on the bottom when cooking.

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  • Five programmes and two click start function.
  • Cleaning programme.
  • Affordable price.
  • Keep warm function.
  • Compote making programme.


  • Small capacity.
  • May burn soup on bottom base.

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VonShef Multifunctional Digital Soup Maker

The VonShef multi-functional soup maker is a great option to consider if you are looking for a soup maker that can make soups, smoothies or baby food. This model boasts four functions to choose from and can make chunky soup or pureed foods easily.

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This stainless steel 900-watt appliance also comes with 1.75-litre capacity making it suitable for larger families, paired with a safety cut out feature in case of the device overheating.

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There is also a two-year warranty included with this maker.

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To conclude, the VonShef soup maker is one of the best soup makers on our list in terms of its easy to use features and large jug capacity. This model also boasts a cleaning function which saves time when washing up.

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Negatives of this model are it’s heavyweight and blending function which may not leave food smooth enough for babies.

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  • Multi-function use.
  • Large capacity.
  • Safety cut off feature.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Cleaning function included.
  • Four different functions.

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  • Heavyweight.
  • May not puree down food enough for babies.
  • Some models have been reported to be faulty.

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Beldray EK2613BGP-VDE Soup Maker

If you are looking for a more affordable soup maker, the Beldray model may be worth considering. This maker features a 1.6 litre capacity for making soups and four different settings to choose from depending on your desired consistency.

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The soup maker also comes with a digital control panel for easy control and safety cut off features to protect the maker from overheating. There are suggested recipes included too.

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Overall, this Beldray model is very affordable and easy to use; it has a variety of functions depending on how you like the consistency of your soup.

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However, this model lacks cleaning features and fails to mentions if it has a sautee food function which is included with most other soup makers on our list.

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  • Affordable with large capacity.
  • Easy use from the control panel.
  • Comes with recipes.

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  • Lack of cleaning features.
  • No warranty mention.
  • May lack functions in comparison to other makers due to lower price.

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Our Judgement – Which Soup Maker Is The Best?

Overall, the best soup maker on our list has to be the Morphy Richards total control soup maker, thanks to its nine different functions and portion control feature. This allows you to avoid wasting food and make various recipes with your soup maker such as smoothies or purees.

As a runner up we would suggest the Soup Chef best soup maker due to its large capacity and quick cooking time, this would make an ideal purchase if you are looking to save time in comparison to other makers.

What To Look For In a Best Soup Maker? (Buying Guide)

Buying an electric soup maker can be a little overwhelming with all the different brands around on the market, so you must familiarise yourself with all their features and how they work before purchasing one.

So with that being said, we have put together our fool-proof buyers guide below to help you out –

What Are The Best Features In Soup Makers?

Soup makers range in a variety of features; from different capacities, sautee functions and even smoothie making options. You should try and understand what exactly you are looking for in a soup maker, whether it’s using it to blend smoothies as well as soups, or just merely soup itself with a slice of bread.

Also, consider if you need to extra functions for chunky or smooth consistences.

We’ve put together a list of the essential features to consider when buying your electric soup maker below –

  • Capacity – A larger sized capacity will mean a more significant portion of soup, and this is important if you are looking to cook soup for a larger household or prepare your soup in big batches. It is a good idea to consider sizes of 1.5 litres and above in this case.
  • Multi-functional use – Having a model that can do numerous functions such as blend smoothies, change consistency and even cook compotes are handy features to have within one electric soup maker.
  • Sautee function – A sautee function is great if you want a better-tasting soup, most of the best brands such as Morphy Richards include this as it allows you to fry off the veg and release flavour before you make soup.
  • Keep warm – This is a handy feature to have as it allows you to pre-cook at an earlier time and keep it warm for later.
  • Non-stick base – Soups can burn quickly on the bottom of your maker, so it is essential to consider looking for a model that has a non-stick bottom so clean up can be easy, and you can avoid burnt veggies.
  • Cleaning – The best models have a cleaning function which allows you to add water, and the device will clean itself.
  • Warranty – Kitchen appliances like soup makers can often be faulty, so it’s essential to ensure yours comes with a warranty just in case.

How Do Soup Makers Work?

Using a soup maker is a modern appliance to help save time in the kitchen and cook everything in just one pan, which also saves washing up.

Electric soup maker models operate in many different ways from the Cuisinart soup maker that can make smoothies and the Morphy Richards which sautees your food before cooking.

However, most follow the necessary steps below –

  • Add in a variety of finely chopped veggies which will be either blended or mixed to your set consistency.
  • Pour in boiling stock or water if using.
  • Set a timer depending on veggies and recipe.
  • After cooking, use the keep warm function if not eating straight away.

Most standard soup maker models use these steps above; you will be able to adjust and set your maker to different consistencies and blend levels depending on what you want.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Soup Maker?

By now if you are considering buying a soup maker, you likely know these little devices can save you alot of time and create healthy meals with little effort required.

There are also lots of other benefits that come with purchasing a soup maker, and we have listed them out below –

  • Saves washing up – Best soup maker models like Morphy Richards come with a cleaning function and are super easy to clean because it uses only one jug for cooking.
  • They are quick – You can have a full batch of soup in thirty minutes easily, in some makers it can even be in just twenty minutes depending on the veggies you cooking. This helps save you time and makes mealtimes quicker.
  • Healthy meals – Eating soup more often is a great way to get lots of veggies into your diet, you can also control how much salt goes into your food which is something you can’t avoid in supermarket brought soups.
  • Uses up leftovers – If you have leftover vegetables or even roast chicken in your fridge you can use them up quickly with a soupmaker, this saves food waste and benefits you by giving you a healthy filling meal.
  • Easy to use – Soup makers are so easy to function thanks to their simple heating elements and pre-programmed functions, all you have to do is set your model then let it do the cooking for you.
  • Multi-functional – Some best soup maker models can help to cook compotes or blend smoothies which is excellent in just one device.
  • Better taste – Homemade soups tend to taste better than store brought, this is most likely due to the fact everything is fresh, and you can control your soups consistency/blend to your preference.
  • Saves money – Making soup in bulk can prevent you from eating out too often or grabbing lunch from the supermarket, this will save you money in the long run.

Tips For Making The Best Soup

There are some important tips and tricks you should know before making your first soup with your soup maker. We have listed out our best tips below to ensure you get the best tasting soup out of your soup maker –

  • Ensure frozen ingredients is thawed – If you are using any frozen ingredients in your soup, its important to use them only when fully defrosted. If not, you may find only half-cooked vegetables at the end of its cooking cycle.
  • Stock first – Put some stock or water into your model before adding your ingredients; this will help to prevent food sticking to the bottom and burning during the cooking process.
  • Use boiling water – Putting boiling water instead of tap water in your model will help to add flavour and taste while making sure your veggies are cooked through properly.
  • Chop ingredients small – Cutting your veggies as little as possible before cooking will help to ensure they are cooked through properly, this is especially important for ingredients like carrots or potatoes.
  • Keep the lid on securely – Don’t check your soup while it’s cooking, you could hurt yourself with boiling liquid, always make sure the top is tightly screwed on too.
  • Don’t overfill – It’s essential you don’t overload your soup maker past its top line; otherwise, you could be at risks of your soup spilling out.
  • Ensure meat is pre-cooked – Soup maker models often don’t have a high enough or long enough cooking time to cook through meats, so its best to put in pre-cooked or leftover meat from a previous meal.

Safety Tips

  • Never put your whole model into water.
  • Don’t use your model to heat pre-made soups as this may cause burning on the heating element.
  • Never fill your model past the maximum line.
  • Keep it away from the edge when cooking.


Can I set the consistency of my soup with a soup maker?

Yes, you can set the consistency of your soup easily with best-branded makers such as Morphy Richards or Tefal, some have more adjustability than others, but most let you select either a chunky consistency or a smooth consistency.

How do I stop veggies burning on the bottom of my model?

The trick is to add some boiling water or stock to your model first before adding in your chopped up veg. This should help to prevent veg from sticking to the bottom heating element when you make soup. You can also consider buying models that have a non-stick bottom as this will ensure easy cleaning and no burning.

Are they easy to clean?

Yes, most soup makers are straightforward to clean, and some even come with a cleaning function where you only have to add boiling water. Don’t submerge your whole maker in water, however.

Can it keep my soup warm?

Yes, alot of soup makers have a keep-warm function that keeps one batch of soup warm for up to two hours or less depending on your model. Some soup makers even have a reheat function too.

Can I cook meat with my soup maker?

It is best to use pre-cooked meat in your soup makers as the temperature and time required to cook meat will be much longer than soup makers.

Do I have to pre-cook veg?

No, as long as you add a sufficient amount of stock and cut your veggies small enough, your ingredients should cook through well in a soup maker.

How long does it take to make a soup?

This depends on your batch size and model, but it can take most models up to thirty minutes to make a soup from scratch.

How do I make my soup thicker?

Try adding lentils or rice to your soup as this will help thicken it and add extra bulk while cooking.

Do I need a sautee function with my model?

If you are someone who likes to add garlic or onions into your soup, a sautee function could be useful as this will help to release more flavour into your soup. 

How much do they cost?

This depends on the model and brand, but these devices can cost anything from £40-£100, and above depending on the functions it comes with.

Can I use frozen vegetables in my soup?

Yes, feel free to use pre-packaged frozen mixed veg; however, it’s wise to thaw the vegetables at the beginning to ensure proper cooking.

Why do I need a soup maker?

A soup maker can be beneficial in several ways, as we mentioned above in our buying guide. However, its main notable benefits are its ability to save you time and washing up, as everything is cooked within one pot and is done automatically.

Can I make other kinds of recipes or only soup?

Yes, some models allow you to make smoothies or compotes with their maker; you could even puree food down as an option for homemade baby food.

You could even try making a quick stew or risotto if you set your soup maker on a high temperature for around 30 minutes.

Does making soup in a maker help preserve vitamins?

This depends, some vitamins will be lost during the cooking process; however, you could argue soup makers steady temperature and long cooking time can also help maintain your vegetable nutrition.

Our #1 Soup Maker

Overall, our number one soup maker we recommend is the Morphy Richards total control, soup maker. This is due to its numerous functions and portion control feature, which allows you to make the perfect amount of soup each time with no waste.

When looking for the best model, you must check it’s capacity and multi-functions so as you can be sure you are getting precisely what you need. This Morphy Richards model has a 1.6-litre capacity and nine different cooking functions, making it perfect for most households.

As an alternative to this model, we would also suggest checking out the Soup Chef best soup maker because of its large capacity and high-quality design.

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